Submit Bulletin Board Slides

Use this form to upload your created slides to ConcordTV for airing on our Bulletin Board. Our bulletin board is what plays on the channels when there is no programming scheduled to play. The bulletin board is an excellent method to get information out about events, charities, non-profit announcements, city information, or whatever else you want to get out in the public.

The bulletin-board, just like our channels, cannot be used for commercial purposes. For more information about what can and cant go on the bulletin board, Call us. 226-8872 or read this page.


Due to the number of bulletin-board requests we get, we cannot create and post a slide for you unless you include the image file you want on the channels. If you submit a slide request without including your created slide, the Bulletin will not be posted on the channels!

For the fastest turnaround time, please submit your slides as JPEG or PNG formats. We can accept PPT files, but it takes us some time to export the slides as valid formats for our bulletin board system. Slide effects, sounds, and transistions in Powerpoint will not be retained when putting PPT slides on our channel(s).

Thanks for your understanding.

Slide Submission Form Offline

The submission form is offline while we rework its functions. In the meantime, please email your slides to

Email Slides

Thanks for your understanding!

  All information on this form is used just for our internal use for informational and contact purposes. Your information is safe and is not shared outside of ConcordTV. For more information on our data collection, review our privacy policy.

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