April 2nd we will be airing a Folklorist Marathon on Channel 22! The Folklorist is a half-hour television series produced by NewTV, a community access television station located in Newton, Massachusetts. The series explores some of the unique and lesser-known stories throughout history. Each half-hour episode of the show contains 3-4 featured segments that go into the backstory and lasting effects of a particular topic of folklore.

Brief History of “The Folklorist”:

[well type=”well-sm”]In 2011, John Horrigan and the NewTV staff met to discuss the idea of creating a television program about folklore. The NewTV team filmed several segments and a pilot came together within the following months. After the pilot aired in March 2012, the public response was strong enough to continue producing more episodes. Andrew Eldridge and Angela Harrer joined the show as co-producers in 2012 and started working on the show’s first season, which aired in 2013. The Folklorist is currently in its second season of production, and is available online, as well on Luken Communication’s Family Channel, and is currently available through Comcast’s and RCN’s on-demand services in the New England region.[/well]

Airing “The Folklorist” is nothing new to ConcordTV but we wanted to showcase it since we personally think its a extremely well produced show and want to share it with more people and bring more awareness to it.

April 2nd Airtimes and Description

[table width =”100%” style =”table-striped table-bordered table-hover” responsive =”true”]
[row_column]Host John Horrigan tells a story of two brave men who hold their stations atop a doomed lighthouse, a woman who fights for her right to ride on a streetcar, and how an unbelievable discovery attracts the attention of the greatest showman on Earth.[/row_column]
[row_column]This episode features stories of a divine intervention that helped turn the tide for the British Expeditionary Force in WWI, a mysterious weather anomaly that creates a panic across the world in 1816, and three WWII Prisoners of War who devised an ingenious plan to try and escape the German prison camp known as Stalag III.[/row_column]
[row_column]Horrigan investigates the Cuban Missile Crisis, the story of the two girls who made up an army, Aesop’s fable “The Grasshopper and the Ant”, and a lesser-known tale of the great aviator Amelia Earhart. Also includes stories of the Vietnam War, The Pharaoh’s Curse, and Julius Caesar being abducted by pirates.[/row_column]
[row_column]In the pilot, host John Horrigan describes the flood of molasses in Boston in 1919, the events surrounding the Boston Massacre, an eerie change in weather in 1780 that rapidly affected New England, and an unexpected truce during the midst of World War II. Features short segments on Babe Ruth, Neil Armstrong, Santa Claus, the Titanic, and demons.[/row_column]