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ConcordTV Community Awards

ConcordTV held its annual Annual Meeting and award presentation on June 28th. Many community members were recognized for their ongoing contributions to ConcordTV as producers, volunteers, and supporters. Award Recipients


Watch The Pirates of Penzance on ConcordTV!


2016 State of the City

Join Concord’s Mayor Jim Bouley and City Manager Tom Aspell and find out what’s on the horizon for Concord, focusing on our major challenges and opportunities. Get a look at upcoming initiatives and significant capital improvements, as well as an update on the “Downtown Concord Complete Streets” project.  


Stay in the know with Main Street Minute

North Main Street looks amazing now. But its not over yet! Construction has started on the South side of main street. What better way to stay involved in whats going on with that project than watching Main Street Minute? Checkout our Main Street Minute playlist to keep tabs on the project, estimated completion dates and more.


Folklorist Marathon Weekend!

April 2nd we will be airing a Folklorist Marathon on Channel 22! The Folklorist is a half-hour television series produced by NewTV, a community access television station located in Newton, Massachusetts. The series explores some of the unique and lesser-known stories throughout history. Each half-hour episode of the show contains 3-4 featured segments that go into […]

Connolly screenshot

Athletes of the Season event

Club auction

Boys and Girls Club TV Auction

Want to get involved? The TV auction is a fun, fast paced live TV Event that airs nearly all day on Channels 6 and 22. However, This event needs your help! If you want to work behind a camera, help with production tasks and whatever else we may need help for, this could be a […]


Chambers Candidates Night

The Greater Concord Chamber Of Commerce put on a great event at the Grappone Conference Center on October 20th, 2015, allowing for the different Ward Councilor, At-large and Mayor candidates to make statements, answer questions, and introduce themselves. First airings will be on our Channel 22, October 22 at 6pm, 10pm and 11:30pm. More airings will play October […]


Upload BulletinBoard Slides Online!

Well. Its nothing new, but the feature has returned! You can now upload your bulletin board slides directly to us without having to come in with them on a floppy diskette! (Not like that ever was the procedure though…) However, this process has been streamlined since the last site new features include: Define Start Date […]


New Look, New Site

For those who arent aware, ConcordTV recently unveiled its new van wrap, and new logo recently. Alongside that, a few months back, ConcordTV also showed off its new bulletin board system. With all these changes, we figured with a new look should come a new website to really kick off the new re-branding. So with […]