Contact Us

You can give ConcordTV a call at (603) 226-8872 and we typically have staff available to answer calls weekdays between 9am-5pm. Here is the contact info for specific staff members:

  • Josh Hardy (Executive Director)
    • 603.226.8872 (ext. 14 – Voicemail Available)
  • Matt Arseneault (Production/Programming Assistant)
    • 603.226.8872 (ext. 10)
  • Michael O’Meara (Programming/IT Director)
    • 603.226.8872 (ext. 12)
  • Jim Webber (Marketing and Administrative Assistant)
    • 603.226.8872 (ext. 16)

  • Questions on starting a new show
    Email Josh Hardy.
  • Class Questions
    Josh Hardy coordinates our training and can answer any class questions, as well as tailor special classes to your needs. You may also use this form below. You can get to the page for classes here.
  • Program Ordering (DVD Copies)
    Josh Hardy can help you with this. We can provide copies via DVD, Thumb drive or other methods. Including bulk orders!
  • If ConcordTV can cover an event
    Send all requests via email to Josh Hardy.
  • Bulletin Board Concerns
    Send an email or call Jim Webber. Read B-Board FAQ hereSubmit slides at this page.
  • Channel Troubleshooting
    If you are having problems with all your cable channels, reach out to your cable provider. If you notice a technical issues with ConcordTV Channels 6, 17, or 22 email Michael O’Meara. 
  • You don’t get ConcordTV in your local cable area
    Only Concord, NH Comcast subscribers get the local ConcordTV channels (and some neighboring cities). Even if you get basic of basic cable, you’ll get our channels. Sadly however if your area doesn’t get the channels, we cant really change that. Though, we do stream our channels live over here.
  • Website Issues
    Contact Mike (
  • If money starts falling from the sky
    Notify all ConcordTV staff immediately and grab a wheelbarrow.

Contact Form

If there is a matter you’d like to bring to our attention, whether it’s a request, complaint, or compliment, this is a good place to do it. Normally we’ll attempt to reply within 24 hours during business hours. Larger matters may require additional time. If your matter is urgent and requires immediate attention, please call us @ 603.226.8872 (Main Studio).

 If you are looking to submit bulletin board slides, please use the page for submitting slides over here.
 Don’t know who to contact? That’s alright. This contact form will be forwarded to whoever is best suited to handle your concern.

Please do not share any sensitive information over this form (Credit card numbers, etc). If you are looking to order a DVD, use the “Website Store” or call us.

Our web form is temporarily offline. Please email us (