Training and Classes

What is a “certified producer”? Upon taking ConcordTV’s video and editing classes you will be certified by our staff to reserve video equipment (for free!) for approved projects. Approved projects must be non-commercial, based in the Concord area, and provided to ConcordTV for airing on Public Access Channel 22. Feel free to ask our staff for more information about this process..

**NOTE: During camp weeks we close each day at 5:30pm. Our field equipment is not as readily available as usual because our campers take priority with the gear. If you’d like to reserve a camera or use an editing bay please contact the Station Manager at least 2 weeks in advance. There is no guarantee that we’ll be able to meet your request.**

Concord TV offers classes to Concord residents and nonprofit organizations. Before you can sign up for a workshop, you must attend Discover ConcordTV, our orientation. Scroll to the bottom of this page to view our complete class schedule and calendar. In some cases classes can be scheduled for one on one and as-needed basis. Contact Josh for additional class questions.

Classes are available for all ages & Concord students can take classes at no charge (Unless otherwise noted, some restrictions may apply for special class series).

Getting Started

 All ages welcome

Class Description Cost
Discover ConcordTV (Orientation) This  orientation is the gateway to the exciting field of visual arts, TV and Video Production. Learn how to capture your stories, ideas and interests on video and share them with your family, your friends, your community and the world on your community channels and beyond. Tour our media center; hear all abut training production, and volunteer opportunities. Free
Planning Your Program Have an idea for a TV show that will air on your community channels? Want to create a video for TV, social media and/or Internet? Learn to tell your story with a purpose. We cover the basics of pre-production that allow you to map out your program. Take your show from idea to an official ConcordTV program. Collaborate with our staff to create a script, shot sheets, as well as titles and music.
 By appointment only.


 All ages welcome.

Class Description Cost
NEW Certification Program! Sign up for our 4 core classes listed below and receive a 20% discount when you pay for them together. Upon completion of these classes you will also receive an official video production certificate of completion from ConcordTV! Take advantage of this opportunity to not only save money but display your newly-acquired skills. $160 (20% OFF the regular price!)
Intro to Camera This class puts professional video equipment in your hands. Learn vital camera techniques that will refine your photographic skills. Demos include audio, lighting, and shot composition. This is a one session class. $50
Intro to Editing Learn to put together visually stunning videos using our editing program, Adobe Premiere. Whether you’re just curious about video editing or want to start your own show at ConcordTV this editing class is for you! Topics include: Premiere’s layout, putting clips into a timeline, basic titling, basis transitions, and more. This is a one session class.
Advanced Camera So you’ve learned the basics of camera operation, now take it to the next level! Advanced will teach you more framing techniques, manual features on the camera, as well as extensive demos with wireless mic kits and a lighting kit. This is a one session class.
Advanced Editing This class is recommended for producers and volunteers who have a basic understanding of Adobe Premiere and want to learn valuable tips and tricks to improve their videos. Topics include: audio editing, integrating Photoshop, keyframing, advanced keyboard shortcuts, and more. This is a one session class. $50


 All ages welcome

Class Description Cost
NEW Multimedia Consultation Have a multimedia project (video, pictures, online, visual media) you’ve been trying to finish but need a push in the right direction? Work 1-on-1 with our trained staff in this 90 minute session. Some possible topics for this session include, but are not limited to: setting up a Youtube account, improving your social media presence, creating a logo, creating a slideshow. This consultation can only happen at ConcordTV, we do not go on-location. By appointment only. $75
NEW Social Media Foundations (Social Media Workshop) Facebook, Instagram, YouTube: three of the platforms every artist, business, or nonprofit should understand in order to share their message and grow their audience. This workshop covers the basics of these three social media platforms, where you’ll learn functionality, optimization and how to make social media part of your routine, without feeling overwhelmed. $75
Video in Marketing Everyone has a story to tell about themselves, their business, their brand. But how do you stand out in the multitude of social media platforms and endless video content begging for the attention of their audience? Take our 2-session Video in Marketing Workshop at ConcordTV. This workshop is typically held on consecutive Friday afternoons. $100
Intro to Photoshop Photoshop is an incredibly useful tool for graphics editing. It can seem intimidating to learn but our workshop introduces Photoshop in a fun, easy to understand way. By the time you’re done with this workshop you’ll be ready to explore the program for yourself. $75
Making Movies with iPhone or iPad Smart phones and tablets are convenient tools for creating quick videos but they often lack professional quality. Learn tips on stabilization, lighting, audio, and a demo of the latest video apps such as iMovie and Premiere Clip. $50
Using Google Drive Google Drive is a cloud-based program that allows you to easily access files wherever you go. To use this program all you need is a gmail account, which is FREE to create. This workshop will show you how to upload, share, and download content as well as creating Forms, Sheets, and Slides. $50
Studio Production Training Learn all aspects of studio production in our state-of-the-art television studio. Topics will include: crew roles, preparing a set, multi-cam switching, tips for hosts, lighting and audio. $50
Field Production Ready to hit the ground running in creating your own videos? This workshop serves as a test run in preparing for your own video productions. Attendees will work in groups to create a video assigned by the instructor. Throughout the workshop members will learn about the video equipment, pre-production, shooting and editing, while simultaneously creating awesome video content. There will also be a demo of online streaming at the end.  $50

Nonprofit Series workshops

 Recommended for nonprofits and local businesses

Class Description Cost
Nonprofit PSA workshop Looking for a way to promote your nonprofit organization? Public Service Announcements are a fantastic way of spreading your organizational message. Join us for a workshop that will significantly enhance the quality of the PSAs you create  $25
PSA Day Looking to create a PSA video for your non-profit organization? Reserve ConcordTV’s studio to record your own PSA video message that will be aired on ConcordTV Channel 22 and can be used on your own website and social media.
Holiday Greetings Another free resource for Concord-area nonprofits! Record a Holiday Greeting video that can be shared with the community. This is a great way to gain exposure through community television and it’s a lot of fun for those who participate!
Get the Media’s Attention! This workshop focuses on ways to get the attention of the media when publicizing an event or telling your story. It will also look at how to use the tools available in social media and beyond to be your own media. This is a perfect workshop for small businesses or nonprofits with little to no budgets.  $50

Youth Camps

 All camps are available for ages 9 to 14 (unless otherwise indicated) and run from 12:30pm to 5pm

Class Description Cost
April Vacation Camp April Vacation Week 2019
Campers will be introduced to the basic concept of video production and given the opportunity to create their own videos and short films. Topics include: video cameras, creating studio shows, greenscreens, scriptwriting and more! To register go to
$125 residents
$135 non-residents.
Beginner Video Camp Session 1: July 8-12, 12:30-5pm; Session 2: July 22-26, 12:30-5pm
No prerequisites. Campers will be introduced to the basic concept of video production and given the opportunity to create their own videos and short films. Topics include: video cameras, creating studio shows, green screens, making scripts, and more! For ages 9-14. To register go to
$100 residents
$110 non-residents.
Advanced Video Camp August 5-9, 12:30-5pm
Prerequisite: Beginner Video Camp. Campers return to continue building their skills in the exciting field of multimedia production. Topics include: Introductory filmmaking, scene creations, advanced video editing, and studio production. For ages 9-14. To register go to
$110 residents
$120 non-residents.
Youth Filmmaking Camp August 19-23, 12:30-5pm
Interested in becoming a filmmaker? In this camp we watch other films for inspiration, storyboard your ideas, and then use ConcordTV video equipment to turn those ideas into reality. All completed videos will be posted on the ConcordTV YouTube channel and aired on Public Channel 22. For ages 9-14. To register go to
$135 resident
$145 non-resident.