Submitting Content

Want to create your own show? How about have us broadcast your program? Either if you have something completed, or need help getting started on creating a show from the ground up, We can help you out.

If you want to create content but don’t know where to start, click “Starting from the ground up“. If you have video content already and want to start getting invoved with ConcordTV, click “New Producers“. If you’re currently a producer with us and want to know how to get your video to us in the best format, click “Existing Producers“.

CompressedIf you aren’t sure where to start or need some help with creating a show, Thats what we’re here for, we provide everything you need to create your own content, apart from the classes, its all entirely free to Concord Residents. There are two main methods of us helping you with this:

  • We offer Training, Classes and Workshops on editing, camera, studio production, audio, proper lighting and much more. You can find out more about the classes we offer on our “Training and Classes” page. Once you’re trained on our equipment and certified, you can reserve equipment whenever works best for you. We have everything you need, from cameras to wireless microphone kits. Need a camera for a few days? No problem, we’re flexible around your needs and requirements.
  • We offer a service called “Producer Support Program“. If you want to get your message out, but don’t have the crew or talents to produce a high quality show, we can help you with that. The producer support program is every other Wednesday. All you need to do is reserve a time-slot during the day and we do the rest. For more information about the Producer Support Program, email us.

IMG_5150If you are a new producer to ConcordTV and would like to submit video content to be played on our Channels, Contact us and setup an orientation. Remember, to be a Producer for ConcordTV to create or air your programming, you (or your organization) must be based in Concord / Concord Resident.

If you are not a Concord resident, You can seek someone in Concord to “sponsor” your content. Your sponsor will have to attend the ConcordTV Orientation. For more info regarding sponsors, Please contact us.

If you have any additional questions about becoming a producer, Please feel free to email or call us (226-8872).

Existing Producers

If you’re an existing producer with us, and are ready to start submitting content for our channel(s), theres a few different ways to submit your content to us.

Step 1: Export your video

File Format

Theres a few different file formats our broadcast server can accept, and if you provide a different format, we can usually get it encoded to the correct format. But please keep in mind, providing us with a non recommended format can delay the turnaround time that your program starts airing. For best results, please export as a MPEG2 > HDTV 720p (More details below).

Export your videos as MPEG2 > HDTV 720p 29.97 High Quality

Thanks to our new server, we can now accept HD MPEG-2 files. What this means is when you export your content from your editing software, you may export it as MPEG2 > HDTV 720p 29.97 High Quality. This allows for the highest quality playback on our channels, it also allows for the program to utilize widescreen format on newer televisions.

If you are getting your video from another person or source, please ask if they can export it as an MPEG2 > HDTV 720p @ 29.97 FPS.

Step 2: Sending us your content

When you send us or drop off your content, please be sure to include some information, including:

  • Program Name
  • Episode Name (If series programming)
  • Start Air Date (Optional)
  • End Air Date (Optional)

Fastest Method (Recommended)

Uploading Digital File

Capture2The fastest and easiest way to get your content to us is to upload it via a filesharing service. We recommend using Google Drive or Dropbox. This method yields the fastest turnaround time for us to get your content up and playing. Its also the easiest for us to get up on the channels as we dont need to do any additional prep / conversion. If you need help getting started with sending us the digital file, please feel free to contact our IT Director.

Filename: Please be sure to give your file a file-name that properly identifies your program. This will ensure a fast turnaround time.

Fastest Method (Recommended)

NHCCM Fileserver

We are a member of the NHCCM which means we have access to their File Sharing Server (Using Telvue Connect). If you are a member of the NHCCM and your program is on their fileserver, we can easily pull it from that. Also being a member of the NHCCM Means your program has the potential to reach further stations than just ours (as long as your content is relevant outside of Concord).

NHCCM Website

If you choose to mail us your programming, Please keep in mind we cannot return your DVD, CD, Thumbdrive without proper return postage. We will hold onto your media for up to 60 days before recycling.

USB Drive (Mail / Drop-off)

Another method is dropping off or mailing us a USB Thumb-drive with your content on it in digital format. We will hold on to your USB Drive until you can come pick it up after we have extracted the video file(s). ConcordTV is not responsible for your thumb-drive if mailed, we recommend picking up a small 4gb or 8gb USB drive for mailing.

Filename: Please be sure to give your file a file-name that properly identifies your program. This will ensure a fast turnaround time.
Mailing Address: ConcordTV, 170 Warren St, Concord NH 03301

Slowest Method / Turnaround (Not Recommended)

DVD / CD (Mail / Drop-off)

Another option is dropping off (or mailing) DVD(s) with your content. This method is a bit dated as it can take us additional time to export your content from the DVD. We recommend only doing this if you cant send us a digital .mpeg copy of your program.

Mailing Address: ConcordTV, 170 Warren St, Concord NH 03301

Bulletin Board Slides

If you’re not looking to submit full shows, you submit either short videos (no longer than 2 minutes) or submit image slides. More information can be found on our Bulletin-Board page. Go check it out.