Non-Profit Resources

ConcordTV – A Resource for Nonprofit Organizations

Concord Community TV (ConcordTV) is much more than a public-access TV station for the community. It’s also a great resource for local nonprofits to utilize and spread the word about their organizations to a broader audience. Many nonprofits find ConcordTV the perfect media center for learning about video, studio production, location shoots, recording public service announcements (PSAs) and more. While there is a charge for classes and workshops, most all of these resource options are free to local nonprofits and to members of the community. Check out the options below. **please note: as the ongoing pandemic evolves, so do our policies. When you speak with our staff they will advise you on our current policies for your visit**

Make a Guest Appearance on Public Access TV

Have a representative of your nonprofit organization make a one-time appearance on ConcordTV’s in-house studio talk show, “Community Conversations.” If your nonprofit has a specific event or fundraiser coming up, contact the station well in advance to set this up, so the program airs prior to your event.

You can watch previous Community Conversations episodes on our Youtube page.

psa_zontaPublic Service Announcements (PSAs) and Holiday Greetings

Nonprofits have the opportunity to record in-studio Public Service Announcements in a basic format, usually offered twice a year, at no cost.  Your nonprofit can utilize the PSA on their own website, in emails, on Facebook and other social media platforms.  Near the end of each calendar year, ConcordTV provides nonprofits with the opportunity to record a “video holiday card” or “holiday greeting” to reach out to their markets in a brief seasonal message.

Bulletin Board Announcements

ConcordTV’s Channel 22 (Public Access) offers a 24/7 “Bulletin Board” to feature slides announcing upcoming events, reminders, or even a notification of a nonprofit organization’s list of services with logo and contact information.  Bulletin Board runs when scheduled programs finish or during time slots when no program has been scheduled.  Check out our website page about Bulletin Board to submit your graphic.bulletin_nami

Classes and Workshops

Classes in Camera (Beginning and Advanced) and Editing (Beginning and Advanced) are offered monthly on specific weeknight evenings at ConcordTV. Completion of all four classes provides producer certification with the station, enabling the producer to develop public-access programming and borrow station equipment for off-site production work. Workshops are offered on specific topics (Creating Video for Social Media, Photoshop, etc.) on an occasional basis.  See Classes and Workshop schedule on the website.  There is a fee for classes and workshops.

Create Your Own Publpsp_broganic Access Programs

Following an orientation, your organization may be interested in creating their own programs for Channel 22 (Public Access). The easiest option is to join our Producer Support Program where ConcordTV provides structured studio time and technical support to record your half-hour program in a simple talk show format.  Producer Support Program offers limited use of on screen graphics, images and “B-roll” video segments. Certified producers of ConcordTV’s video classes may choose to borrow our video equipment and shoot video content outside the studio. Certified producers have the option of editing their content at ConcordTV. Organizations may use any created content on their own social media platforms in addition to running it on Channel 22.