Non-Profit Resources

ConcordTV – A Resource for Nonprofit Organizations

Concord Community TV (ConcordTV) is much more than a public-access TV station for the community. It’s also a great resource for local nonprofits to utilize and spread the word about their organizations to a broader audience. Many nonprofits find ConcordTV the perfect media center for helping with their communications/marketing efforts. Check out the options below. 

1) Your Organization as a Featured Guest in our Studio

Have a representative of your nonprofit organization make an appearance on ConcordTV’s flagship studio talk show, “Community Conversations”, which we then share on Youtube, on our podcast channel, and Public Access channel (22 on Comcast ad 2003 on Breezeline).

You can watch previous Community Conversations episodes on our Youtube page.

psa_zonta2) PSAs and Other Short-Form Content

Several times a year we provide nonprofits the opportunity to record in-studio PSA videos at no cost. Your nonprofit then receives a digital copy that you can use your own website, ewnewsletter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

3) Bulletin Board Announcements

ConcordTV’s Public Access channel offers a 24/7 “Bulletin Board” to feature slides announcing upcoming events, reminders, or even a notification of a nonprofit organization’s list of services with logo and contact information.  Your Bulletin Board slide will appear in between regularly-scheduled programming, typically about 4 times per day- going out to over 14,000 households. Check out our website page about Bulletin Board to submit your graphic.bulletin_nami

4) Classes and Workshops

Our regular class schedule is on hiatus but by request we are more than happy to provide specialized training on video production (i.e. camera operation,

5) Create Your Own Video Series at ConcordTVpsp_brogan

Your organization may be interested in creating a regular video series. The easiest way to do this is through our Producer Support Program where your organization would be able to rent out the studio once per month and get tech assistance from our staff. If you’re able to find a trained volunteer you’d be able to record more than once per month. We also have a podcast studio if you’d rather record an audio program.

There’s a lot of information here so please reach out to our Executive Director with questions and to figure out your customized plan for working with ConcordTV!