About Us

Mission Statement

To build community through media by creating original video programming, providing public access to equipment and facilities, and by fostering transparency in local government and education.

Vision Statement

A better connected and informed Greater Concord community.

Concord TV is a non profit organization, incorporated in 1998, to manage Concord New Hampshire’s community television center and its three channels:

  • Education – Comcast Channel 6 and Breezeline Channel 2001
  • Goverment – Comcast Channel 16 an Breezeline Channel 2002
  • Public Access – Comcast Channel 22 and Breezeline Channel 2003

Concord TV provides:

Our Values

Democracy and the First Ammendment

All people in a democracy have the right and responsibility to take part in the decisions that affect them and their communities. Freedom of speech is vital to a healthy democracy and is guaranteed in the First Amendment. Concord TV provides the community with the opportunity for political, cultural, artistic, spiritual, and individual expression on television.

Community Decision Making

Freedom of expression alone is not enough to ensure a healthy democracy. Citizens must also enter into active discussion and debate in order to participate in solving problems for the common good. Concord TV promotes the use of its non-commercial public access channel and production facilities as an electronic forum for discussing issues and solving problems.

Access to Information

A well informed, actively involved citizenry makes more responsible decisions. Concord TV televises local government meetings, activities of local schools and service-related information to stimulate an active dialogue among elected officials, schools and local citizens.

Diversity and Inclusiveness

Democracy is most effective in a society in which all members can participate. Concord TV encourages understanding and collaboration across barriers of race, culture, language, class, gender and age.