What are you all doing sitting on the couch with a few weeks left in summer? Get up and JOIN IN THE FUN!!!

We’re opening up TWO WEEKS of FREE VIRTUAL YOUTH VIDEO CAMP for Kids 9 to 14! Make a fun video at home and see it in our YOUTH FILM FESTIVAL on Sept. 10th! (ConcordTV’s Free Virtual Youth Video Camp runs August 24th to Sept. 4th.)

VIRTUAL YOUTH VIDEO CAMP for Kids 9 to 14. (It’s Free!). Make a fun video with your phone with friends and family at home. Add in music and effects and send it to ConcordTV. Get it in by Friday, September 4th and we’ll include it in our Virtual Youth FILM FESTIVAL (sponsored by Red River Theatres) which will be shown on Facebook Live with kids’ interviews. All participants will get certificates and prizes. Join in the FUN!

Check out this welcome video with your host and camp coordinator Matt! Virtual Camp Welcome

If you’re not sure you have the right technology to make a film- you probably already do! Take a look at these tutorials on filming with a smartphone and a few free video editing options for both smartphone and computer:

How to Film with a Smartphone
Editing with “Quik”
How to Edit with “Shotcut”

Once you’ve got the technology figured out then pick one of these movie genres (types) and get started!

Black-and-White “Silent Movie”

Make a short video without dialogue or sound, such as an old-time Silent Movie, use slapstick comedy bits, suspense or drama. Props, wigs or costumes pieces add to the fun.
Silent Movie tutorial

“Action Movie Trailer”

Make a movie preview for a (fake) new movie that you’ve made up. Focus on fast action, surprises, simple special effects and fast music.
Action Movie Tutorial

“Horror/Scary Movie”

Your short video will include a spooky atmosphere, suspense, maybe building up to reveal a monster or sci-fi character from another planet. Music, costumes and spooky lighting add to the effect.
Horror Movie Tutorial

Funny “Infomercial”

Make a funny commercial for a fake product that you’re trying to sell on TV. Write up a funny “pitch” for your announcer, create signs, product labels and have your actors act out using the product. What do your “customers” think of the product?
Infomercial Tutorial

How to sign up: Send an email to JIM WEBBER at our front desk. His email is jim@yourconcordtv.org. Make your subject line: VIRTUAL VIDEO CAMP. Tell Jim the name and age of camper, parent or guardian name, mailing address, contact phone and contact email. Jim’s phone is (603) 226-8872 for sign-up questions.

Your VIRTUAL VIDEO CAMP leader is MATT ARSENEAULT. If you need to contact him, his email is matt@yourconcordtv.org. His phone is (603) 226-8872 (Mon-Fri, 9-5.) Matt is your contact if you have any questions about making your video.

On Monday, August 24 at 10 AM to NOON – Join our VIRTUAL VIDEO CAMP – OPEN HOUSE on ZOOM: Meet your camp leader Matt and get your questions answered. To Join Meeting: zoom.us/join. Zoom Meeting Number: 896 0662 9022. Password: concordtv.

We hope VIDEO CAMPERS can count on brothers, sisters as well as parents and/or guardians to join in the filmmaking fun at home! The best system is to come up with your video IDEA, write out a PLAN or list of SHOTS you’ll need, gather “actors” and easily available “props” together before you turn on the video camera (or phone camera.) Make it a family project and remember that imagination goes a lot further than fancy special effects.

Send your COMPLETED VIDEO to Matt Arseneault at ConcordTV by Friday, Sept. 4th no later than 4 PM.

On September 10th, completed short videos will be featured in a VIRTUAL VIDEO CAMP FILM FESTIVAL which ConcordTV will promote and premiere on Facebook for the community to enjoy – tell your frends and relatives to watch. (There will be honors and prizes for participants!)

We are offering these video resources and filming projects for FREE, and we sincerely hope that everyone will have fun making videos with family and friends at home. We hope some of these ideas spark creativity and a memorable last couple weeks of summer!