We’re proud to introduce a new independent production that will be airing on ConcordTV Public Access Channel 22 leading up to November 3rd.

Earlier this month, Disability Rights Center – New Hampshire (DRC-NH) launched Disability Unscripted 2020: Samuel Habib Interviews NH General Election Candidates. In this series of videos, local college student, documentary filmmaker, newspaper columnist, and disability advocate Samuel Habib (age 20, of Concord, NH) interviews all major party candidates for New Hampshire Governor, U.S. Senate, and U.S. Representative about issues relating to disability.


You can watch these interviews on ConcordTV Public Access Channel 22 (schedule can be found here)

To watch these interviews online visit https://drcnh.org/disability-unscripted-2020-with-samuel-habib/

ConcordTV’s Public Access Channel airs a wide variety of programming, mostly created by independent producers, not ConcordTV staff. Programs like Disability Unscripted 2020 are not the property of ConcordTV and are aired with permission of all parties involved.

We also want to remind our audience that ConcordTV will have live election coverage November 3rd at 7pm for Concord ward results and analysis from our volunteer hosts. It’s a great program for those who want to get in-depth information specifically about Concord results.