Peoples President Project

ConcordTV will provide the opportunity for every potential 2016 Presidential candidate to explain why they are the best choice to run the country as the People’s President.

Each potential Presidential candidate:

  • Will be asked the same question in a private setting of the candidate’s choice.
  • Will be allowed to speak for up to 5 minutes.

Advantages for the candidate:

  1. ConcordTV will submit a press release to local, state and national media each time a potential candidate accepts the invitation to speak.
  2. ConcordTV will distribute the video on its worldwide distribution network, as well as local and statewide television.
  3. Each Candidate may utilize the video at their discretion.

This project is governed by ConcordTV’s commitment to inclusion and transparency, which means every candidate will be equally respected and encouraged to participate. This project is designed to reach a wide audience utilizing our networking with Concords across the nation and the world.

For more information contact Doris Ballard at, call (603) 226-8872, or visit

Special Thanks to our underwriters on this project.