Virtual Tour

Welcome to ConcordTV!

Welcome to our Virtual ConcordTV tour page! These images are fully interactive 360 photos! So you can click and drag them around to pan and tilt. You can even zoom in, Give it a shot!


The front door!

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How exciting! Our front door! ConcordTV main office is located in the basement of Concord High School by taking Entrance D, just to the left before going beneath the catwalk. Our doors are always open if you want to come take a look! Hours can be found here. At this location, we have a full studio, editing computers, our broadcasting head-end (Whats a “Head-end”?) and our staff offices.

Equipment Room

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Studio Space

[sphere 1229 title=”Studio Set” anim_after=”3″ autoload]

3 cameras, full lighting grid, feature packed video switcher allows you to create your own shows without having to worry about cumbersome post production. This is also where CHS Students broadcast their morning announcements Tuesday through Friday.

This space is available for Concord Residents to use at no charge! Contact us to find out how you can utilize this space.

Full Editing Suite and Training Space

[sphere 1230 title=”Training Room” anim_after=”3″ autoload]

Editing software can sometimes be expensive, especially if you only need to use it once for a project, or if your non-profit / organization cant afford it. With that, I bring good news, We have a full editing suite of software available for you to use. Across 3 public editing computers, we have the full Adobe Production Premium CS6 suite. That means Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, Encore, whatever you need to create promotional material or shows yourself. Don’t know how to use the software? That’s fine too! We offer a large range of different classes and workshops to help you understand and use the software yourself.