Well. Its nothing new, but the feature has returned! You can now upload your bulletin board slides directly to us without having to come in with them on a floppy diskette! (Not like that ever was the procedure though…)

However, this process has been streamlined since the last site new features include:

  • Define Start Date and Expiration Date
    Now you can tell us exactly when we should start playing your slides and when we should pull them down.
  • Slide Submission Confirmation
    Once you upload the slide(s) to us, we’ll send you a automatic confirmation via email that we received them. No more doubting if the form actually worked or not.

You can access the remastered Bulletin Board Uploader by going to ” [icon type=”fa fa-youtube-play” color=”#000000″] Channel and Content” > “Bulletin Board” > “Submit Slides”.

We also restored the Bulletin Boards page so you can follow our guidelines to the perfect Bulletin Board slides. Now you can perfect the art of the bulletin board. Not already using the bulletin board? We recommend you get on that and start today!