We’re providing live coverage of the election and its results from 7 PM until the results are in on November 7th, both on the air and online:

Every year, on the first Tuesday in November, Americans have their chance to set the direction of the country. 2017 is no different. While the elections being held on Tuesday, November 7, 2017, may not generally be for state and national offices, we at ConcordTV believe voting for local offices is just as, if not more, important. The decisions made by the leaders we elect at the local level can often have a more immediate, direct, and lasting effect for the citizens of the cities they head. And the ideas, good or bad, generated within city halls, council chambers, and school district buildings have a habit of percolating up to state and national interest.

With that in mind, ConcordTV wants you to vote on November 7th, and we want you to do so being as informed as possible! We offered 15 minutes of studio time to all of the Concord’s Mayoral, City Councilor, and School Board candidates. 19 candidates were able to make it in and share a message with the voters of Concord. We were also able to capture three forums, sponsored by the Concord Monitor and held at Concord High School, where candidates in attendance discussed the variety of issues facing Concord now and in the years ahead.

All of this content can be found playing regularly on our channels (6, 17, and 22 on Comcast), and also can be found on demand on our YouTube channel in our “Meet Your Candidates 2017” playlist:

So please, take the time to learn about your local candidates. And remember, on November 7th, get out and vote!