NOTE: Nominations for 2018 are closed. Thank you to all those who submitted recommendations!

Concord TV Is Looking for Fascinating People, Businesses, and Organizations!

Who Would You Recommend?

ConcordTV’s live annual telecast CONCORD ON AIR is scheduled for Sunday, October 28th, this year – it’s one of our most exciting annual events; a live telecast about the community where the stars are the city of Concord and its citizens. The program will be the kick-off of ConcordTV’s 20th year as a media resource for the community!

A special feature of the telecast is our spotlight on Concord’s “Most Fascinating Individuals” of the past year. This year, we’re starting the selection process a bit sooner, allowing more time to capture these amazing folks and their stories on video so everyone can appreciate their important contributions to our lives.

Here’s where YOU come in: we’ve selected six community categories and we’d like you to recommend individuals in those categories for ConcordTV to consider for the honors.

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(Please feel free to recommend more than one per community category or leave any line blank.)

Most Fascinating Individuals of 2018 Criteria:

1. Must be active in the Concord Community.

2. Must not be a staff or board member of ConcordTV.