If you’ve traveled down Fruit Street, maybe heading to Memorial Field for a game or a fireworks display, you’ve likely seen the large, nearly windowless building with the “New Hampshire Archives” sign. Ever wonder what inside? Well ConcordTV, in collaboration with the New Hampshire State Archives, New Hampshire Secretary of State, and the Concord Monitor,is proud to bring you “From the Archives.” In this monthly series, we explore the vast holdings of the State Archives; the documents, records, notes, and letters that give us a unique, first-person insight into the state’s and the nation’s history.

From Frederick Douglass’ tribute to a local abolitionist to the imprisonment of suspected Revolutionary War spies, these short (3-6 minute) episodes provide an interesting story, which hopefully inspires the viewer to learn more. Find the “From the Archives” series on ConcordTV, both on its broadcast channels and on its YouTube page.