“ConcordTV on my statement?”

If ConcordTV appeared on a bank statement, maybe we can help you figure out why.

Statement Apperance

If you see, SQ *CONCORDTV on your statement, this is because your card was used by one of our Square Card Readers to process a transaction. We use Square for DVD sales, Classes, and occasionally event admission. Examples of our “Square” use:

  • Admission to our Easter Event
  • Camera & Editing classes
  • ConcordTV Workshops
  • DVD Sales at Events (Concord250 DVD)

We use Square for charging for services / products. Square cannot do automatic reoccurring payments and normally isn’t used for station donations.

If you see, PAYPAL *CONCORDTV. We use Paypal for e-commerce transactions on our website as well as donations to the station. Also, sometimes you can use Paypal to setup reoccurring donations of X dollars every month. Examples of our Paypal use:

  • Donations to the station
  • Concord OnAir donations
  • ConcordTV Arts Telefest (< 2010).
  • DVD / Class purchased on website

If you are making a reoccuring payment to ConcordTV on paypal, you can disable it via your paypal control panel. Visit this page for more information about canceling automatic payments.

Still don’t think you made the transaction?

Call or email us about the transaction in question. Have the date, dollar amount and “item name” ready. We’ll check our records to maybe help you further understand what the transaction was for.