Science Cafe Concord

ScienceCafeConcord3ConcordTV is pleased to partner with the Concord Monitor, The Draft and Science Cafe NH to record and televise these educational, fun and informative events. A 30-minute recap version is broadcast on ConcordTV Public Channel 22 and published on our Youtube Channel.

What is Science Cafe?
Science Cafe is a grassroots effort to encourage informal but science-based discussion of issues important to New Hampshire. It was started in 2011 by two science fans, Dan Marcek and Sarah Eck, with no funding or sponsorship. Despite that drawback, crowds have been big and enthusiastic, and panelists have included tech corporation officials, academics from UNH and Dartmouth College, the state climatologist and the state director of public health, not to mention farmers, layers, journalists and alternative medicine practitioners. Free monthly gatherings where attendees can ask a panel of experts questions about a topic, held in The Draft Sports Bar in Concord from 6 to 8 p.m. on the first Tuesday of the month.

You can find more information about Science Cafe NH at their website, New episodes of Science Cafe Concord can be seen on ConcordTV Comcast Channel 22 Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30 pm. Check our broadcast schedule of reruns of older episodes.

Episode Catalog
Here you can find a listing of all Science Cafe NH episodes from 2017 to present. For episodes prior to 2017 we have a full Youtube playlist available at For full length sessions, we recommend attending a discussion and seeing what its all about!

Programs with a disabled / grayed out “Watch Now” button means it’s not yet available for viewing online. Please allow for up to 2 weeks after a session for post-production editing.

Episode Featuring
January 2017: Electric Cars Watch Now Rebecca Ohler of NH Department of Environmental Services and longtime electric-vehicle advocate; Mike Mercer, technical service director for Banks Chevrolet, which is introducing the all-electric Bolt this year..
February 2017: Seasonal Affective Disorder Watch Now Meghan Butcher, a psychology intern at Concord Hospital Family Healing; Wayne Castro clinician at Riverbend Community Mental Health in Concord.
March 2017: New Hampshire Demographics Watch Now Panelists Ken Johnson and Ken Gallager discuss NH demographics and the “silver tsunami” affect on its residents.
April 2017: Composting Watch Now The hows and whys of turning garbage into useful dirt. UNH Cooperative Master Gardener Bonnie Ensinger; Joan O’Connor of Joan’s Famous Composting Worms in Henniker ; James Meinecke, farmer in chief at Lewis Farm, Concord.
May 2017: Biodiversity Watch Now Biodiversity in New Hampshire -It’s more than just an eco-buzzword, but why should we care?
Panelists: Dr. Pam Hunt with New Hampshire Audubon Society; Pete Bowman, wildlife biologist with New Hampshire Natural Heritage Bureau.
June 2017: Citizen Science Watch Now Citizen Science in New Hampshire: collection and analysis of data relating to the natural world by members of the general public, as part of a collaborative project with professional scientists.
Panelists: Sara Steiner, coordinator Volunteer Lake Assessment Program, NH Department of Environmental Science; Malin Clyde, UNH Coop Extension Stewardship Network director.
September 2017: Regenerative Medicine Watch Now Learn about the latest technology behind regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine is a branch of translational research in tissue engineering and molecular biology which deals with the “process of replacing, engineering or regenerating human cells, tissues or organs to restore or establish normal function.
Panelists: Chief Regulatory Officer Richard McFarland and Chief Technology Officer Tom Bollenbach of ARMI
October 2017: Cancer Watch Now Sarah Eck, whose PhD degree in Biochemistry focused on breast cancer cells; Brian Barth, Assistant Professor of Pharmacology at UNH; Dr. Brian Knab, Radiation Treatment and Oncology for Elliot Health System.
November 2017: The Power Grid: What’s in store? Watch Now Michael Mooiman, associated professor at Franklin Pierce University and long-time observer of NH energy system. Chris Skoglund, Climate & Energy Program Manager with the NH Department of Environmental Services (NHDES). James Brennan, director of finance at the New Hampshire Office of Consumer Advocate.
April 2018: The Power Grid: What’s in store? Watch Now John Gunn, UNH asst. professor of forestry and resource management; Robert Perschel, Executive Director of the New England Forestry Foundation.
May 2018: Reinventing Recycling. Watch Now Panelists: Michael Durfor, Executive Director of Northeast Resource Recovery Association. Michael Nork, environmental analyst with the state Solid Waste Management Bureau. Richard Lee, public works director, town of New London.
June 2018: Medical Marijuana Watch Now Karen Van Gundy, Professor in the UNH Dept of Sociology and co-author of “Marijuana: Examining the Facts” and representatives from Prime, an Alternative Treatment Center in Merrimack, and Sanctuary, an ATC in Hanover.
September 2018: All about the Ig Nobels Watch Now Marc Abrahams, who created the science parody event in Boston.
November 2018: Past Present and Future of Space Flight Watch Now Nathan Schwadron, professor of space plasma physics at UNH; Kristina Anne Lynch, Dartmouth College physicist specializing in the plasma physics of the auroral ionosphere.
August 2021: Science Cafe at Market Days 2021: Concord’s Green Energy Plans Watch Now Clean energy plans in Concord. Rob Werner, Concord City Councilor; Patrick Roche, energy analyst at Grid Energy; Sam Evans-Brown, director, Clean Energy NH

Extra Content
Video Featuring
Science Cafe highlight from Concord On Air Watch Now A quick look at what Science Cafe is!
CRISPR – Full Length Watch Now A full 1 hour and 41 minute session of Science Cafe: CRISPR (Episode 3 – CRISPR and the revolution in gene editing) featuring Subhash Minocha and Thomas Davis.


Are DVD copies available of these talks?
If you are interested in owning a copy of a Science Cafe event on DVD, we can accommodate said requests. DVDs are $13 and can be custom ordered by calling our station at (603) 226-8872. DVD copies are created on a per-request basis. They can be mailed, picked up at the next Science Cafe or picked up at the station. These DVDs are intended for personal use only and not for rebroadcasting.

Where are Science Cafe Episodes from other cities?
We do not record or do any production on Science Cafe NH sessions outside of Concord, NH. Its possible local stations in the area might have coverage. Eg: AccessNashua, etc etc.

Are subtitles available for Science Cafe NH?
Unfortunately given the resources available to our station / production team. Subtitles are not available for the series.

Whats the turnaround time for Science Cafe to be aired?
Please allow for at least one week after a Science Cafe for post-production to be completed on half-hour episodes. All episodes will be available for viewing on TV and viewing online. The full length edition can be made available by request.

We’re a station interested in rebroadcasting an episode or the entire series
You can find a completely free, downloadable broadcast version on the NHCCM File Sharing Server (via TelVue Connect). If you have TelVue connect access, You can find the series here. If you are a station that wants to rebroadcast episodes and aren’t an NHCCM member (or doesn’t have TelVue Connect access), Contact Josh Hardy about licensing and getting a digital copy through alternative means. The full length version is not available for station syndication.