ConcordTV Community Awards


ConcordTV held its annual Annual Meeting and award presentation on June 28th. Many community members were recognized for their ongoing contributions to ConcordTV as producers, volunteers, and supporters.

Award Recipients

Award Name
Angel Award Norm Ballard
Tyson Award Gene Connolly
Business Partnership Awards David Sangiorgio, Tim Goodwin, Jon Bodell, Russ Aubertin, Abbey Dow, H.L. Turner Group
Government Partner Award Todd Fabian (Concord Public Library), Angelina Bossone (Concord General Services)
Youth Volunteer Service Award Dominic Scotti, Nick Skafidas
Eugene Rudolph Technical Award Mike Uffenbeck
Producer Support Award Dawn Drew
John J. Hickey Award Dan Chase
Producer Innovation Award Kari Inglis
Special Service Certificate Allwynne Fine
Outstanding Service Award Julia Freeman-Woolpert, David Murdo
Community Partnership Award Bektash Shriners
David Murdo Programming Excellence Award David Murdo
Posted on: July 6, 2016, by : Josh Hardy