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Video Tech Tips

Creating video content from your smart device has never been easier! Hit record, share, and you’re done. BUT are your videos lacking professional quality?
Use these tips and you’ll be impressing your friends and family in no time!

iphone video (1)

 1. During your recording keep your phone/tablet horizontal (landscape) not vertical (portrait)

 2. If you can’t afford a microphone try to shoot in a location with no background noise and move closer
to your subject.

 3. Avoid shaky video. Invest in a tripod or set your recording device on a sturdy object.

 4. Be aware of backgrounds. Make sure anything in the background appropriately represents what you want an audience to see.

 5. Use editing software such as iMovie or Adobe Clip to trim your video, add music, and/or text.

 6. Share! Most editing programs allow for easy uploading to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube
note: If creating a video specifically for Instagram there are other factors to keep in mind. We will address that in a future blog post

 7. If you’re still not getting the quality that you want, it might be time to look at more professional
gear. ConcordTV offers monthly video camera and editing classes that will help get you started.

Call us at 226-8872 to register for classes or to get more information.


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Annual Report 2015-16


ConcordTV Annual Report 2015-16

We are proud to introduce this year’s annual report, a comprehensive look at everything happening at ConcordTV during the 2015-16 fiscal year. This report includes a message from our board chair and executive director, in addition to the recaps of our numerous activities and programs.

The theme is “The People’s Voice; the People’s Media”. We wish and hope that you will take time to look it over, and then give us a call and come by to visit if you’d like to re-connect.



Welcoming Melissa Sweatt to the ConcordTV Team

We’re thrilled to announce a new staff member of the ConcordTV staff, Melissa Sweatt. She’ll be taking over the scheduling for Channel 22 and you’ll likely see her around Concord on productions. Welcome, Melissa!

About Melissa

Working in the film and television industry has been a passion and dream of mine since I was 12­years ­old. I grew up in a small town north of Concord and was always writing stories, developing characters, creating plots, etc. but I always envisioned this stories as movies. As a graduate from The Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University, I have been able to pursue this dream to the best of my ability. I currently freelance for New Hampshire Public Television and Whitebridge Farm Productions. I also work part time for NH1 News, and am proud to be the newest edition to the ConcordTV family. In my spare time I enjoy writing screenplays, making my own short films, hanging out with friends, fishing, and lounging around the house with my cat and two dogs.

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6 Reasons to Create a PSA at ConcordTV

ConcordTV’s PSA Day is on September 14th and we want all Concord-area nonprofits to take advanced of the opportunity!

Wednesday, September 14th
Pick a 15-minute timeslot between 1 and 7pm
All PSAs will be taped in our studio
Come prepared with a script as well as your logo on a flashdrive


 1. It’s FREE! That’s right, a completely free service for nonprofits.

 2. It only takes a 15 minute time commitment.

 3. PSAs are a great way to build public interest in your organization.

 4. The video you create will be great for your social media and website.

 5. We will air the PSAs on our Public Channel 22.

 6. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at our new studio.

Call us at 226-8872 and talk to Jim to reserve your 15 minute block in the studio to record your PSAs.

If you’re bringing a logo please check that it’s the highest resolution possible (150×150 would not be suitable, 1200×1200 would be).


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ConcordTV Community Awards

ConcordTV held its annual Annual Meeting and award presentation on June 28th. Many community members were recognized for their ongoing contributions to ConcordTV as producers, volunteers, and supporters.

Award Recipients

Award Name
Angel Award Norm Ballard
Tyson Award Gene Connolly
Business Partnership Awards David Sangiorgio, Tim Goodwin, Jon Bodell, Russ Aubertin, Abbey Dow, H.L. Turner Group
Government Partner Award Todd Fabian (Concord Public Library), Angelina Bossone (Concord General Services)
Youth Volunteer Service Award Dominic Scotti, Nick Skafidas
Eugene Rudolph Technical Award Mike Uffenbeck
Producer Support Award Dawn Drew
John J. Hickey Award Dan Chase
Producer Innovation Award Kari Inglis
Special Service Certificate Allwynne Fine
Outstanding Service Award Julia Freeman-Woolpert, David Murdo
Community Partnership Award Bektash Shriners
David Murdo Programming Excellence Award David Murdo

Watch The Pirates of Penzance on ConcordTV!

Opera walks the plank for a ship full of laughs when the Community Players of Concord stage
Gilbert and Sullivan’s comic masterpiece PIRATES OF PENZANCE.
Not the sharpest blade on the deck, a loyal pirate apprentice named Frederic finds himself
bound by a paradoxical contract, a clutching nursemaid and true love.
Throw in a troupe of terrified policemen, an overly-articulate Major General, a bower of
giddy maidens, a glorious score by G & S and you have the delightful
PIRATES OF PENZANCE from the Community Players of Concord!

See for yourself on ConcordTV Public Channel 22 (for Comcast customers in Concord),
live-stream of the channel is available here.


Tuesdays @ 2:30pm

Thursdays @ 11:00pm

Saturdays @ 5:30pm

Click the button below for a fun preview of The Pirates of Penzance!

Watch Preview

Watch Full Program


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Interested in learning more about multimedia production? Give us a call at 226-8872 or
visit our Training Page to learn more about the classes and workshops that we offer.[/column]

Athletes of the Season event

Concord Monitor’s Athletes of the Season Awards

In partnership with the Concord Monitor, We were able to cover the full Fall Season Athletes awards at the Holiday Inn on December 6, 2015. You can watch the full event on our channels in the up coming week. Airtimes will be posted here once the piece has been edited for viewing.

Message from Gene Connolly

Full Length Awards Ceremony

Airtimes on Channel 22

To Be Announced!

Want to archive this moment? Want to gift someone with a copy of this event in full 1080 HD? How about purchasing a DVD copy? Shipping options available.

Checkout our Online store to purchase a DVD.

Boys and Girls Club TV Auction

Saturday, December 12th from 11am to 9pm

Call in to bid on some great items! Watch live at

Want to get involved?

The TV auction is a fun, fast paced live TV Event that airs nearly all day on Channels 6 and 22. However, This event needs your help! If you want to work behind a camera, help with production tasks and whatever else we may need help for, this could be a fun event for you!

We’re looking for anyone willing to volunteer for any amount of time you feel comfortable with. High school students can use this event to gain volunteer hours. To talk to us about signing up, send Josh Hardy an email,