ConcordTV is pleased to welcome Jim Bouley, Dennehy and Bouley, LLC,  to the ConcordTV Board of Directors. 

 Jim has dedicated 26 years to public service in the City of Concord – 10 as City Councilor, 16 as mayor. As Mayor he presided over a $15 million dollar revitalization of downtown Concord. Additionally, S&P gives Concord a AA+ rating due to their well-managed budgets. 

Jim Bouley joins fellow ConcordTV Board members Robert Altman (chair), Steve Ambra (vice chair), Daniel Rich (secretary), Rachel Perri (treasurer), Clint Cogswell (at-large), Richard Finkelson (at-large), Melissa Fisk (at-large), and Tonya Rochette (at-large).

ConcordTV’s Board of Directors provide critical oversight, make key decisions for our organization, develop the annual budget and act as community advocates for our organization.