When I’m introducing someone to ConcordTV, without fail I get the response:


“well, I don’t watch cable TV”


For some reason this lingering stigma about cable television has lead some to think that community media is somehow outdated and isn’t “for them”.

But on the flip-side I also encounter community members who have reinforced to me that ConcordTV has never been more relevant. Think about it – how many truly local media sources do we have left? Our friends at other local media outlets around Concord do a great job serving the community but financial resources for local reporting have dwindled throughout the 21st century.

Where does community media play a part? We encourage ordinary community members of all backgrounds, abillity levels, and demographics to get involved with watching, creating, and learning about media right here in Concord. For example:

1) Be a guest on one of our studio programs! We have Community Conversations, a ConcordTV-produced interview program, as well as other independent public access shows that record monthly. 

2) Stop by for a video production class and/or job shadow opportunity. 

3) Tune in and watch thousands of hours of local original programming featuring your friends and neighbors in the Concord community. 

And people are tuning in! Each year our digital platform viewership goes up on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. There is a demand for local video coverage of what’s happening in Concord and our staff/volunteers meet that demand!

Of course it’s not just about viewership! Our mission – Building Community Through Media – is evident anytime our studio is buzzing with activity. One moment we’ll have a City official visiting as a studio guest, the next moment we’re giving a tour to kids from the Boys & Girls Club, running our popular Summer Camps, and then going on-location to run a booth at National Night Out. That’s the power of community media!

It’s truly my belief (I know I’m biased) that Concord needs a strong and vibrant community media presence like what ConcordTV provides. Almost any Concord-based nonprofit organization or community group has likely worked with ConcordTV in our nearly 25 years so I can confidently say that we have made a positive impact for all Concord residents.

With all that said, there is a lot more important work left to be done. Stay tuned for what’s next!

Josh Hardy
ConcordTV Executive Director