We’re proud to announce that ConcordTV recently purchased new video equipment at the Concord City Council Chambers to replace outdated analog technology.

As a result, Concord residents will notice vastly improved video quality, enhanced in-room audio, and the ability to watch live meetings on Youtube. In the attached images you’ll get an idea of what the new equipment looks like, as well as the vastly improved picture quality.

These latest technology upgrades are a great example of the valuable communications service ConcordTV provides, and a testament to the work that goes into implementing these changes. Thank you to the City of Concord for their support, as well as installer AccessAV for their efforts in making this possible.

As a reminder, Concord City Council, Zoning Board, and Planning Board meetings air live on Comcast Channel 17, the City of Concord Youtube Page, and www.yourconcordtv.org channel 17 live stream. If you can’t tune in live they’re available for rebroadcast and viewing On-Demand anytime.